Be a GameChanger Mentor. You don’t have to be an expert.

Being a mentor changes the lives of our youth. Developing healthy and respectful relationships with others and between genders is our mission.

Changing the world together

Small changes can have lasting impact. Help change the world, one relationship at a time.



GameChangers is the only gender-based violence prevention program for middle-school boys in East Tennessee. GameChangers uses a group mentoring structure, with each group of participants being led by two adult mentors.  The program teaches middle school boys about:

  • domestic violence
  • dating violence
  • sexual assault
  • stalking
  • bystander intervention skills
  • and about how they can help prevent violence against women and girls. 

Ending violence against women and girls is a community effort. Everyone has a part to play.

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Our mentors are making a difference in the lives of middle school boys by showing them the value of healthy and respectful relationships.


Apply here to be a mentor and help be make a change in people’s lives. Our mentors use engaging techniques to enlighten young men with an understanding of how relationships evolve and healthy ways of dealing with conflict. We need your help!

GameChangers in The News

Through the GameChangers program, the YWCA is working with partners to propel the mission forward and to help ensure program success.

YWCA Knoxville & the Tennessee Valley is fortunate to have partnered with local organization Emerald Youth Foundation for GameChangers! Emerald Youth, founded more than 20 years ago here in Knoxville, serves children and youth of all ages across the city, mostly in high-need areas.

 Keep up with what’s going on with GameChangers! Check here for news about our programs and partners.

  • Exclusive updates on programs
  • Local Media Events
  • Progress reports and interviews.


Our Partners

Since beginning in 2015, GameChangers has been working with many incredible partners to propel the program forward. Those partners include:

100 Black Men of Greater Knoxville

Big Brothers Big Sisters of East TN

Centro Hispano De East TN

Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking/Grow Free TN

Emerald Youth Foundation

Great Schools Partnership

 Knoxville Area Urban League

Knox County Juvenile Court

Knox County Schools

Knox County District Attorney’s Office

Save Our Sons Initiative

 Many of these partners host a GameChangers group at their sites along with other schools and after school programs.


Kendrick Tate

Kendrick Tate

Mentor Coordinator

Two Perspectives
Two Perspectives

Two PerspectivesWords from a Mentor, My journey with GameChangers started about around spring 2019, when I took over dropping off my nephew to his GameChangers group. One of the days their mentor, Mr. Tate, asked me, “would you like to join one our sessions and get a...

Being an Advocate for Women
Being an Advocate for Women

Being An Advocate For WomenRight now – take a break with me and breath. Think back to the last song that you listened to. Who sang it – a man or a woman? What did they sing about? Maybe it was “Run for Your Life” by the Beatles, where they sing: “Well, I'd rather see...

Join Me, Be A GameChanger
Join Me, Be A GameChanger

Thoughts from Jordan  I stumbled across GameChangers when I was searching for an organization that helps the local youth.  The first time I got in contact with Mr. Kendrick; one of the GameChanger Mentor Coordinators, he told me that GameChangers stands against women...

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