Why I Change the Game

Hey guys,

It’s GameChangers Mentor Coordinator, Kendrick Tate.  When it came to recruiting mentors, I first looked at my friends. I knew they’d be just as passionate as I am and immediately thought of Anthony. Anthony and I have been good friends for over 5 years and I knew that he’d be a good fit. During his 3 years as a GameChangers Mentor, his ability to connect with our mentees and meet them where they are has made him a favorite of sites and kids. Anthony is dedicated to educating the next generation of manhood and teaching them how to prevent violence against women and girls. Keep reading for some of Anthony’s words on why he wants to change the game. 

“Becoming a GameChangers mentor is a big deal for me. It gives me the opportunity to partner with a good friend of mine and have much needed conversations with young boys about seriously relevant topics. These topics encourage them to evaluate how and why they view and identify with masculinity, and to consider how their views and identities will affect them as young men. The topics also challenge them to consider how they should view and treat girls and women. Their views will affect their relationships and what they may or may not do about the problem of abuse. For so many years, we have been raised in a society of negligence and misinformation about abuse and dignity.

I have been a GameChangers mentor for 3 years. I enjoy meeting new boys with the opportunity of getting to know them and how they think, learn about their experiences, and building trusting relationships that allows real and tough conversations covered in a GameChangers curriculum. In addition to the relational aspect with the group, I enjoy the material that I have learned and how to use it in a way to engage other boys, young men, and men alike.” – Anthony C. 

Stay safe and healthy,

Kendrick Tate

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