Our mentors come from all different backgrounds, are all different ages and all offer difference perspectives and experiences. Whether you volunteer for one semester or stay on for years, we value each of our volunteer Mentors for their time and dedication to ending violence against women and girls.

  • Daniel Kirkpatrick
  • Todd Rule
  • Kendrick Tate, YWCA Mentor Coordinator
  • Chris Whitehead
  • George Pittman
  • Matt Townsley
  • Don Black, YWCA Mentor Coordinator
  • Rohit Srivastava
  • Chandler Peterson
  • Mustafa Salameh
  • Andy Sweitzer
  • Jordan Ardono
  • Alex Dunn
  • Austin Hopps
  • JD Fuller-James
  • Anthony Cheatham
  • Pete Buckner
  • John Bailey
  • David Mebane
  • Blake Jordan
  • Grayson Martin
  • Timothy Hogues

Be a Mentor

Apply here to be a mentor and help be make a change in people’s lives. Our mentors use engaging techniques to enlighten young men with an understanding of how relationships evolve and healthy ways of dealing with conflict. We need your help!

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