Two Perspectives

Words from a Mentor,

My journey with GameChangers started about around spring 2019, when I took over dropping off my nephew to his GameChangers group. One of the days their mentor, Mr. Tate, asked me, “would you like to join one our sessions and get a feel for what we teach the group?” I agreed. It started with that one session and I felt like an honorary mentor to the group. I was able to give them examples from my life and certain situations I’ve come across. The impact it had on my nephew was amazing. It made him think about situations that could happen in his life and learn how to handle them in the right way. After the session ended, Mr. Tate ask me would I like to become Mentor for GameChangers. I did. I wanted to become a Mentor because I saw and enjoyed the impact it had on my nephew and his group.

– George P.


Words from a Mentee-,

My name is Preston and my father, Kendrick Tate, is one of the GameChangers Mentor Coordinators. I participated in the program in the summer of 2019. My experiences with how some of my friends treat girls isn’t very positive. Many of them have made fun and put them down, which is not ok. When I see this happening, I get upset and tell my friends to stop because they are being disrespectful. My close friends treat women and girls with respect, they don’t disrespect them. When I started GameChangers I didn’t really feel comfortable talking about sexual assault and rape with other boys because I had never and would never do that. The more we talked about it though, the more comfortable I became because I saw how important it was to talk about it. The main thing I took away from the group was learning how to speak up for women and girls when they are in danger. I think about my mom, my friends at school and all the women in my family. I don’t want them to ever experience being abused in any way. GameChangers taught me skills on how to keep girls safe. GameChangers changed my perspective what we can do to treat and respect women better in today’s society.

– Preston T.

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